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iP7 & 7 Plus Wetsuit Direct Touch

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Wetsuit Impact – watch it drop in the river!

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Backbone wireless charging & battery. See why it’s a Good Design Award winner.

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Fortifier Galaxy S8 - Life's an Adventure

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PREVIEW! LockSmart Travel

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Our Dog & Bone Story

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Wetsuit water test

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Splash44 iP7 & 7 Plus Preview

Dog & Bone's smart, first-of-their-kind mobile technology. Keyless Bluetooth padlocks. Waterproof, rugged shockproof cases. Wireless charging cases with battery. For Apple iPhone X / iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / iPhone 7/ 7 Plus/ 6 Plus/6/ 5s/ 5/, SE, Samsung Galaxy S6/S7. Keyless Bluetooth padlock.

Dog & Bone is fusing protection with smart technology and apps to create never-seen-before ‘smart cases’ and accessories for your smartphone or tablet.

If you live an active life, or simply just want the best protection for your phone, Dog & Bone’'s world-first topless direct touch screen waterproof mobile case, Wetsuit is a tough and rugged waterproof, iPhone X, iPhone 8,  iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 5s/5 case and waterproof Galaxy S6 case to help keep your phone dry and protected all year round – rain, hail, snow or shine! Waterproof to two meters, shockproof to two meters, dirt proof/sand proof, snow proof, and with an IP68 rating (the highest level of ingress protection from water and dust), the patent pending Wetsuit topless design enjoys a direct touch screen for optimum touch screen sensitivity.

Dive into the next generation of waterproof rugged mobile supremacy with the Wetsuit iPhone 6 and Wetsuit iPhone 6 Plus - a new, slim model combined with Wetsuit’s patent pending topless direct touch screen waterproof technology.

Dog & Bone’'s wireless charging innovation, Backbone, is Made for iPhone X and 8. It is certified, Qi compatible and represents the latest advancements in wireless charging technology. The Backbone iPhone 6 wireless charging case and charge pad and Backbone iPhone 5s/5 wireless charging case and charge pad, combine fast wireless charging -– even faster than a cable charge, rugged protection, battery power and style in one smart case solution. The two-piece Backbone charging case is cleverly designed for a different feel and aesthetic, and for interchanging with a masterfully slim and lightweight battery for added power.

Dog & Bone is constantly designing and constantly innovating. To keep updated on our latest innovations and smart solutions for your mobile devices, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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