A phone... now that's a 'KEY'

Keeping track of keys is a pain. A key for the door, two for the car, one for the bike, and of course there's the shed, oh and the gate, and the gym locker too.

The number of keys we carry around can weigh us down. And be a constant source of stress, particularly if you lead an active lifestyle. Losing or forgetting our house keys, keys to our bike or that rarely used padlock that safeguards valuable collections, can be stressful.

And what do you do when you need to share your key?

Picture this: You're at work, but the pool cleaner has arrived at your house. Do you drive home to give access? Do you leave a 'spare key' hidden in the bushes  -- but something that could dangerously end up in the wrong hands?

The time has come for a smarter keyless age.

No Keys, No Worries

What if we didn't have to worry about keys? What if we could use technology to eliminate the problems of lost, stolen or forgotten keys? Imagine a future where you didn't have to carry a key to unlock the house, the garage or even undo the chain securing your bike to the racks.

The keyless future is here, and Dog & Bone is in the vanguard of vendors driving the technology innovations today.

The humble door key is well on its way to becoming obsolete with Bluetooth technology, smartphones and 'apps for everything'. Kwikset, August and Lockitron are among the manufacturers making ihappen.

August Smart Lock closeup

August Smart Lock                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

No more worrying about lost or misplaced keys. Nor fumbling for your keys in the middle of the night. Your smartphone is the key for ultimate convenience. With your smartphone and lock synced via Bluetooth, you can unlock or lock your door at the touch of a button on your device.

Dog & Bone has a patented-first innovation to make this tech possible for portable locks, providing the 'smarts' to wipe out the need for keys. LockSmart -- a keyless, Bluetooth padlock -- gives users a keyless, trackable, secure solution for conveniently and portably locking and accessing possessions. To unlock the padlock all you need is a compatible mobile device, which is never far from our side these days.

The benefits of this technology extends also to sharing and security functions.

Thinking back to our hurdle with the pool cleaner, this technology gives us convenience and security like never before. We needn't stress about trying to to be in two places at the one time. Now in this new keyless Bluetooth age, we can share access to our locked possessions via 'virtual keys'. Share access instantly and remotely to your lock through the app without swapping a 'physical' key, and track your lock's use. Removing shared access is as simple as a swipe of a button. The applications for the LockSmart padlock includes bikes, lockers, sheds, cabinets, gates and more.

Keyless future marches on

Today innovative technologies help get you indoors, and secure and manage access to your valuables.

We've already seen cars give us 'keyless entry' by keeping your key in close proximity -- perhaps one day soon, we won't even have to carry that car key and it, too, will link to our mobile device.

As technology becomes more pervasive in our lives, manufacturers are almost certain to further revolutionise the key. After all, 'Is there an app for that?' has quickly become part of everyday speech.

What ‘key dependent’ technologies, devices or products would you like to see become part of the keyless revolution?

11 Jun




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