How to Avoid a Pokémon Go Disaster!

Caught the Pokémon Go bug? You’re not alone. One analytics firm estimates the wildly popular game has been downloaded a crazy 75 million times. That’s more than the population of the UK and even France.

Pokémon players are easy to spot. They hunt in packs or sometimes alone, but quite often converge on a single location. Glimpse someone with their heads down glued to their mobile or phones up – you can bet it’s a Pokémon Go fanatic. Another common characteristic, turning their phone around like someone who is lost and trying to get their bearings with a map. We’ve all done it at one time or another. Wandering aimlessly in a new place, we get out a map, turning to discover our whereabouts.

While ridiculously popular, it’s not all fun and games for Pokémon players.  Arguments, crashes, spills, and dropped and dead phones are all part of the Pokémon Go world. No doubt the last thing this 18-year-old Hong Kong man expected was to be dragged out of a river after attempting to retrieve his phone. How did the phone end up in the river? No prizes for guessing. It’s too easy. He was playing Pokémon when the phone slipped out of his hands.


On the hunt -- protect your phone with a waterproof, rugged case  

Slightly amusing if it was an isolated incident. Yet the young man is not alone in his misfortune. Google Pokémon Go accidents and you get more than 7 million results. Stories range from a comedy of errors to the truly bizarre.

So how do you avoid a Pokémon Go disaster?

  1. Keep your eyes on your surroundings, not just Pikachu and the other creatures: Distraction is the number one reason for many of the misfortunate and bizarre stories that have captured global attention. Distracted walking, distracted driving, distracted at work all have befell the dedicated Pokémon hunter. Be aware at all times where you are and what you’re doing. Near water, on a bridge, in the outdoors – you don’t want to become an international story.
  2. Dress for Success: Rain, wind or shine. The thrill of the hunt takes us out in all kinds of weather and hours of the day.  Remember the Scout motto, and Be Prepared. In your kit, have ready appropriate dress for all weather conditions and temperatures.
  3. Keep your phone protected: It’s very simple, you can’t hunt Pokémon without a smartphone.  Pokémon mishaps such as dropping your phone on a hard surface or worse still in water, being caught in a downpour or crashing into another ‘distracted’ player can damage, if not kill your most important weapon in your arsenal. Tip. Use a Wetsuit waterproof, rugged smartphone case to protect your smartphone from the knocks, bumps and spills of daily life for the Pokémon hunter. Or for 360-degrees water and drop protection, including a flexible glass impact screen, go for the Wetsuit Impact. With a Wetsuit Impact or Wetsuit waterproof drop proof case you don’t have to stop mid hunt to avoid bad weather, fret if you drop your phone, or backtrack as you near too close to water. You can confidently hunt creatures wherever they are hiding, rain or shine.

Got your own secret for avoiding a Pokémon Go disaster? Leave it in the comments below for the ultimate tip list.

20 Feb




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