Must-have tech for your mid-year Vacation

Tis the season for the mid-year vacation. A time when our thoughts turn to Ibiza, sailing the Greek Isles, relaxing on the beach in the tropics, music festivals. Or for the more adventurous hiking the trails or hitting the ski slopes.

Whether vacationing with family, friends or on our own – a thing we never leave home without is our mobile phone. From the all-important selfie to capturing lasting memories, to weather predictions and getting directions – we want our trusty phones at our side.

Yet mishaps don’t take a vacation. Dropping a phone scrambling for a call, spilling drinks on a handset or losing it down the toilet are common tales of holiday woes. To take the anxiety out of travel mishaps, the must-have tech accessory to pack for every adventure is a waterproof, rugged smartphone case.


Don't let a cracked screen spoil your holiday

Dog & Bone has travellers covered with its patented Wetsuit screen-less smartphone case or Wetsuit Impact with flexible glass impact screen of the world’s highest impact standard – 9H. For peace of mind, each case is military tested to handle drops and knocks from 6.6 feet, and is fully-proofed – water, sand, dirt, dust, snow, spillage and even baby.

Urban explorer? Passionate about the mountains? Dream of an idyllic vacation at the beach? Not a problem. The patented Wetsuit and Wetsuit Impact provide top to bottom protection within a stylishly slim casing. Waterproof to 6.6 feet, travellers using Dog & Bone’s smart technology, can transform their phone into a waterproof camera to capture all their spontaneous holiday moments – in, around and out of the water.

Vacation ready, the Wetsuit and Wetsuit Impact offer premium protection for iPhone and Samsung users, and are available in a range of fashionable colours. To find out more about the must-have tech for your travel bag visit: Wetsuit and Wetsuit Impact.

8 May




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