Skinny Obsession From Catwalk To Telecommunications

Hong Kong Fair to Launch the NEW ‘Skinny Phone’ Cover

The world has obsessed over skinny jeans, super skinny models, and skinny lattes but now the skinny obsession is taking a leap from the catwalk to the telecommunications arena with a brand new range of skinny mobile phone covers.

The new range of skinny phone covers by Australian engineered brand, Dog & Bone, is being previewed this week at the Global Sources Electronics and Components China Sourcing Fair at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong, 12 – 15 October 2012 in the lead up to its world wide release, and includes original stylised housings for the new iPhone5. 

Dog & Bone Director, Lee Ranchod, says the new Textures range of Dog & Bone phone housings is the slimmest stylised phone housings on the market.

“In the past if you have wanted an ultra slim and protective phone housing, you had to compromise on style, and you typically had the choice of a plain housing or another plain housing – nothing stylised, nothing unique and nothing with character,” Mr Ranchod said.

“At only millimetres slim including an extensive range of aluminium stylised creations, the new Dog and Bone phone cover range is at the top of its game in both style and weight,” Mr Ranchod said.

Mr Ranchod said demand for more mobile phone cover options has been brought about by the changing trends of the mobile phone.

“Once upon a time the mobile phone was just about making emergency calls,” Mr Ranchod said.
“Over the years, it has become more and more of an extension to our lifestyle. We use it for everything from making day to day calls, to taking photographs and videos, to maintaining contacts, playing games and checking weather forecasts and share movements.

“We are on our phones constantly, and the way it looks is a reflection of our own personal style.

“Whilst more recently mobile phones have become larger to accommodate its multitude of uses, we don’t need to accentuate and exaggerate the added size with unattractive bulky cases.

“The Dog & Bone range is engineered to create a super slim and super sleek looking phone, whilst providing protection.

Mr Ranchod said the new range of Dog & Bone mobile phone accessories was inspired from simple everyday textures.

“The Dog & Bone range brings your favourite everday textures to your phone,” Mr Ranchod said.

“Just think of the traditional cushy sofa, and you have ‘Cushy’, a phone cover design to match, or if you think of that burst of sunlight that wakes you up every morning, there is the ‘Burst’ cover design.

“For those fix-it, handy people, the ‘Pipework’ housing will have appeal or for the musician in each of us, Dog & Bone has the ‘Mike’ phone cover.

“So much work went into the engineering of these phone covers and I think you can tell from the intricate design work and textures that a lot of passion has been put into creating products that are really special and something to be enjoyed.

“The Dog and Bone Textures range incorporates materials and finishes to best represent each texture inspiration including the use of highly sophisticated polycarbonate or precision machined aluminium, and rustic and anodised finishes.
“They offer so much more character than a standard phone case and really allows people to express their individual personality through their phone, yet also protect their phone whilst keeping it slim and lightweight.”

Dog & Bone Industrial Designer, Mr Scott Farley, said the design is smart in look and functionality.

“The three parts of the housing snap fit together with ease for a superior fit and include interchangeable back plates allowing you to customise your phone to suit your taste or even your situation, whether you are at work or play,” Mr Farley said.

“Almost unperceivable in height are a number of strategically located dimples designed to keep the phone elevated above surfaces to avoid scratching.”

Mobile phone distributors and retailers can find out more about becoming a Dog & Bone stockist by visiting the Dog & Bone stand within the Global Sources Electronics and Components China Sourcing Fair at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong, 12 – 15 October 2012, Booth 1B25 within iProducts accessories, Hall 1.

RELEASED BY:         Maria Ranchod, Dog & Bone

E:     P: +61 7 3711 9591

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