Backbone Wireless Charger Pad iPhone Xs/X/8

Backbone Wireless Charger Pad iPhone Xs/X/8

Drop ‘n charge - no 'plugging in', no fussing! Enjoy the freedom of  a wireless mobile charge with the Backbone wireless charging pad. Simply place your iPhone on the Qi standard Backbone pad for a fast wireless mobile charge. Fast charging – up to 7.5W speeds.  Suits iPhone Xs/X/8.

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An awarded winner



Now, the freedom of wireless mobile charging.

Backbone wireless charging pad is Made for
iPhone certified, and a Good Design Award winner.

Simply drop 'n' charge. No plugging in and out.

Is wireless charging for me?


Do you enjoy freeing your life of cables and hassle?

Ever been at work or at home when your mobile phone is ringing hot, flattening your battery? Or fumbled in the dark night to plug in your charger?

Yes? Then you will love the freedom of wireless charging! 

Free your life of cables and hassle


For your phones sake, wireless charging prevents the wear and tear on sockets. For you, it eliminates the plugging in hassle.  With wireless charging, sit your phone on your Backbone charge pad at any time. No unplugging and plugging in each time you need your phone or a call comes through.

At night, forget fumbling around trying to get a charging cable plugged in! Seamlessly drop 'n charge your iPhone using your Backbone charge pad.

Smart wireless charging for the smartest in smartphones

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We created a simple, compact pad design with minimal desk foot print, yet a slight ridge around the edge to easily guide your phone on. You needn't worry about getting pinpoint accuracy in alignment as you do with some charge pads. The internal smarts are cleverly designed so the Backbone charges up even without pinpoint accuracy in alignment.


Good Design AwardThe award-winning Backbone iPhone charging pad is advanced wireless charging technology for your mobile phone.

Drop 'n charge - no 'plugging in', no fussing! Simply place your iPhone on the Qi standard Backbone pad for a fast wireless mobile charge.

The Good Design Award winner is Made for iPhone.


  • Made for iPhone (MFi).
  • Qi Compatible - the most globally recognized wireless charging standard. Compatible with iPhone X & 8.  
  • A simple, compact pad with minimal desk foot print and a slight ridge around edge to easily land your phone on for charging.
  • Shut-off feature when fully charged.
  • Good Design Awards winner.
  • Fast charging – up to 7.5W speeds.


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Backbone Charger Pad for iP8 and iPX


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“The Backbone wireless charger pushes 7.5 watts of charging power to your iPhone allowing for wireless Fast Charging,”

9 Best Qi Wireless Chargers for iPhone 8, 8 Plus & iPhone X, iPhone Life


Charge pad
USB connector

Backbone charge pad specifications

For phone model: iPhone X & 8
Fast charging – up to 7.5W speeds
Compatibility: Qi standard
Quality parts and materials: Made for iPhone
Size: 139.27mm (H) x 64.37mm (W) x 12.8mm (D)
Input: DC5V, 1,500mProduct weight:100g
Product dimensions:150x70x15 
Packaged weight: 125g 
Package dimensions: TBA
Master carton (Qty): 50 
Master carton weight: 7.25kg


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