Techie Gifts Your Dad Will Love!

Father’s Day is almost upon us in many parts of the world (Sunday, 19 June). Buying a gift for Father’s Day is never easy.

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17 Jun

A phone... now that's a 'KEY'

Keeping track of keys is a pain. A key for the door, two for the car, one for the bike, and of course there's the shed, oh and the gate,...

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11 Jun

Must-have tech for your mid-year Vacation

Tis the season for the mid-year vacation. A time when our thoughts turn to Ibiza, sailing the Greek Isles, relaxing on the beach in the tropics, music festivals.

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8 May

Orange is the new Black

The catchphrase has been given a modern twist in more recent years. Today, the technology you choose very much defines who you are.

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26 Mar

Wetsuit Impact 5-star Review: iPhone Life

It’s not often a reviewer awards a perfect 5 out of 5, but this is what happened this month when iPhone Life reviewed Dog & Bone’s Wetsuit Impact, our super...

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5 Mar

How to Avoid a Pokémon Go Disaster!

Caught the Pokémon Go bug? You’re not alone. One analytics firm estimates the wildly popular game has been downloaded a crazy 75 million times.

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20 Feb

Call Me… 43 years on from the 1st mobile phone call

Text me. Call me from the store. There’s an app for that. All part of everyday speech thanks to the invention of the mobile phone.

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4 Sep

Obsessed with Gadgets? You’re not alone!

If the latest, shiny gadget from consumer powerhouses Apple, Samsung and the like always take your fancy, you’re not alone. Today many are consumed with snapping up the latest must-have.

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9 Aug

How the iPhone has changed! Then & Now: 2007-2016

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is coming. Apple’s shiniest new gadgets will soon make their way into stores.

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5 Aug

15 Questions with Allie McCann

Discover more about Allie, the challenges she expects to face on the trail, what inspires her and why Dog & Bone's Wetsuit Impact and Backbone wireless charging case are must-haves...

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3 Aug

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