Obsessed with Gadgets? You’re not alone!

If the latest, shiny gadget from consumer powerhouses Apple, Samsung and the like always take your fancy, you’re not alone.  Today many are consumed with snapping up the latest must-have.  Not sure?  A report from Australia’s Suncorp Bank in 2015 revealed that Australians spent a staggering $20 billion on technology and communications devices in the previous 12 months.

Another case in point. Apple’s yearly iPhone releases. If we are honest, many of us have traded in our iPhone for the newest, greatest iPhone when our old ones still worked perfectly fine or stood in line for hours to purchase the newest handset when it hit the stores – maybe even more than once. And with Apple’s new iPhone 7 / 7 Plus landing next week, massive crowds in front of Apple stores are expected, again.

Yet our obsession with the latest gadgets and gizmos can come with a price. And not just the purchase cost. Life happens. Just ask the teenager who (accidentally) dropped the first iPhone 6 sold in Perth. The internet is filled with stories of users accidentally dropping their valued phones to a smashing halt, dropping them in water or knocking them off the table, and even throwing them at TVs.

A good way to ensure the longevity of your handset – and particularly good to keep in mind if you are rushing out to buy the new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus– is to give it a protective case. To protect your investment – and phones don’t come cheap, whether on a plan or bought outright – look for cases that can handle the knocks, drops and bumps of everyday life. And like the evolution of handset technology, the ‘technology for technology’ has come forward in leaps and bounds over the years. No longer do you need to dress your iPhone in a 100-tonne armour suit with the styling look resembling something from outer space to protect it from those accidental knocks, drops and water spills.

The new Splash44 unveiled for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is a casing example. Here you have a case that barely changes the profile or thickness of the handset and is transparent so you can enjoy the beauty of your spanking new iPhone in whatever color choice you choose. Yet the real benefit is it does so whilst adding the protection we need and want. 

Splash44 iP7 Purple running splash

Splash44 – 360 degrees of impact protection

The Splash44 is military certified drop tested, has a tempered glass screen protector so I won’t have to fret every time I pull my phone out of my pocket and it lands on the ground, or when it hits the edge of the counter top – it’s actually protected 360-degrees with the combined tempered screen. It is also splash rated so I can enjoy added confidence when accidental splashes and spills come my way.

I know for one, I am a confessed gadget lover and can’t wait to get my shiny new iPhone 7. What about you? Will you be forking out for a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus? 

9 Aug




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