Orange is the new Black

The catchphrase has been given a modern twist in more recent years. Today, the technology you choose very much defines who you are. And in the new world, where technology is an extension of both our personality and our lives, color is very important. 

Gone are the days when technology came in any color as long as it was black, grey, silver or a shade of beige. As a sign of the times consumers can shell out on purple, red, pink, fuchsia, yellow, gold, blue and many colors in between. The ‘future is bright’ indeed.

correct pattern DB wetsuit ip7 lifestyle57


Color is one of the prime considerations when buying products from smartphones to accessories, headphones and wireless speakers to cameras, wearables, radios and laptops. Shelves in consumer electronic stores and online shopping sites are very often a full-blown kaleidoscope of colors, shapes and sizes.

Color psychologists – and yes there is such a profession – claim orange is fun and flamboyant. Orange is for people with enthusiasm for life, risk-takers and those with a spirit for adventure. A vibrant color – it inspires confidence, competition and independence. Orange is uplifting, gives confidence and injects a sense of amusement. So what color are people investing in to boost their coolness factor? Taking the lead from the high-fashion catwalks – orange is the new black. Orange is returning to its heydays of the 70s, and is currently trendy and hip. 

iP7 WI low angle front Orange Wide2

Orange - a color that will ‘pop’ in and out of the water.

Dog & Bone offers (electric) orange as a standard color option in both its waterproof ranges – the Wetsuit Impact for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and the topless Wetsuit for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Blending tough, waterproof protection in a slim – and stylish – form factor, you can share every adrenaline packed moment on the slopes or in the surf with family and friends. Not only will orange put you ahead in the style stakes, but orange is a color which pops –making your smartphone easier to spot on the slopes or buried among sand. And users must agree with buying patterns in 2017 showing orange up there with all-time color fave black in the popularity stakes as a preferred color choice.

The new Splash44 splash proof and drop proof iPhone 77 Plus range features a super slim transparent casing to enjoy the beauty of the handset. But you can do so and still enjoy a splash of the fashion fave orange.

Fitting with the mood of the times, orange has taken hold, and has consistently been the most popular color with our customers, alongside the ‘staple’ black case.

fitbit surgeMobile accessories is not the only market showing a love affair with orange. Wearable technology is on the rise, and fitness devices are leading the charge. Fitbit’s ‘super watch’ the Surge is popular with fitness enthusiasts whom want to do more than track their steps or distance covered. It has a built-in GPS and offers optical heart rate monitoring.

jbl jblflip3

Like to be unwired for sound? The JBL Flip 3 boasts an impressive output that will make your iTunes playlist sound good inside and out.

Rain or shine, the Flip 3 sporting a new, durable splash proof fabric, means you will be the life of any party.

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