Techie Gifts Your Dad Will Love!

Father’s Day is almost upon us in many parts of the world (Sunday, 19 June). Buying a gift for Father’s Day is never easy. Yes, you could give him socks or a tie – just like the year before, and the year before and the year before. And I’m sure he would probably still give you the obligatory “I love it”.

But what if you really wanted to surprise him? Then forget the boringly ‘expected’ this year? Give a gift that screams you are the world’s greatest dad. A gift that lasts long after the socks have holes, and the tie no longer matches his clothes. 

Whilst not all dads are alike, there is no mistaking a common interest for the latest and niftiest cool gadgets.

So here’s our two top techie picks for dad that are sure to put you well on your way to ‘best child ever’ status.

Waterproof Rugged Smartphone Case

Whether your dad is passionate about the outdoors, a social or sporty dad, or even an urban explorer –  there is one thing he probably wants within reach - his mobile phone. From the beach to the mountains, to a night out with friends, his phone is his constant companion. Yet, mishaps can occur. Splashed water during a fishing adventure, spilt drinks at the football, a dropped phone in the toilet or being caught in a downpour, can all damage his device.

Give the gift of protection from new adventures as well as everyday mishaps –  a waterproof, shock proof, snow proof, dirt proof smartphone case. With two waterproof models to choose from – Wetsuit, screen-less, direct touchscreen; and Wetsuit Impact with flexible glass impact screen protection of the world’s highest screen standard (9H) – this gift is all about longevity. The Wetsuit and Wetsuit Impact are durable, yet super slim. Every case is waterproof to 6.6 feet, and military tested to withstand knocks and drops to 6.6 feet. Available for: iPhone 6s/66s Plus/6 PlusSE/5S/5 & Samsung Galaxy S6

Fathers Day fitness

LockSmart Mini -- keyless, Bluetooth technology for the Dad on the Go

LockSmart – Keyless, Bluetooth, Padlock

Keeping his possessions conveniently and securely stored is a challenge. Your dad’s pockets are weighed down with a trillion keys - for the gate, garden shed, tool box, bike, gym locker, cabinet and more. Or his head is filled with different combinations to open a myriad of locks. It’s not uncommon for him to have the wrong key and the right lock, or try to unlock the shed with the combination from the medicine cabinet

The LockSmart is the ideal gift for dad eliminating the hassles of traditional key and combination locks. The LockSmart keyless Bluetooth technology brings the humble padlock into the 21st Century. There are no keys for him to carry (and potentially lose) nor numbers to remember. So all your dad needs to access his man cave is a compatible mobile phone. And he can share access with his friends at the touch of a button. The intuitive (iOS/Android) app lets users manage one or several padlocks and track lock use. Meaning he’ll know if you’ve accessed the garden shed when you shouldn’t have. The keyless, Bluetooth padlock is available in two versions – LockSmart and the smaller LockSmart Mini. For more information, visit here.


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