Aussie Brand 1st with Topless Direct Touch Waterproof Tech for iPhone 6

26 November 2014

An Aussie-based mobile accessory brand is taking iPhone 6 waterproofing technology to new touchable depths, following the release of the world’s first topless direct touch screen waterproof iPhone 6 case and in a new slimmed down ‘soft touch’ design with a bolstered triple layer of protection!

Dog & Bone was the first world-wide to release a topless direct touchscreen waterproof smartphone case, the Wetsuit waterproof rugged case, in 2013 for optimum touch screen sensitivity, and now the brand has led the way by releasing the first topless waterproof and drop proof case of its kind for the latest iPhone model, the iPhone 6.

Developers of the Wetsuit say the new model enjoys a premium rubber overmolded soft touch design for a triple layer of shock proof protection along with its silicon boot and polycarbonate casing, yet in its slimmest form yet at 13.8mm slim.

The patent pending Wetsuit waterproof rugged case enjoys a direct touchscreen, is waterproof to two metres, dirt proof, sand proof, snow proof, shock proof, meets and exceeds Military standards to help withstand the toughest of drops to two metres, and enjoys an IP68 rating – the highest level of ingress protection from water and dust.

Dog & Bone’s Founder and Director, Mr Lee Ranchod, said iPhone 6 users can enjoy a new slimmer Wetsuit form model offering a triple layer of shock protection.

“With clever engineering we have designed a triple layer of shock protection – yet slimmed down our design for its slimmest form yet,” Mr Ranchod said.

“The other thing we have done with our new model is take on board consumer feedback regarding the importance of how the case feels in the hand. Waterproof cases tend to be covered in plastic, yet plastic can be slippery in the hands when wet and less appealing in texture.

“The premium rubber overmolding on the iPhone 6 Wetsuit adds a triple layer of shock protection, but dually acts to give consumers a nice rubber feel and non-slip texture– a great feature for products handled in and around water!”                                                                                                                      

The Wetsuit waterproof, rugged case is waterproofed with dual sealing beads running the full perimeter of the phone avoiding the need for additional plastic membranes over the screen.

Mr Ranchod said he is delighted to give iPhone 6 users smart direct touchscreen waterproof technology – technology not available to them prior to its release.

“Water is in our lives every day, whether we are swimming, jet boating, bathing, cooking, eating or drinking, or bathing and it just makes sense that we protect our phone to ensure it makes it through life’s day to day adventures,” Mr Ranchod said.

 “But as we get smarter and smarter with technology, consumers are now coming to demand more.

 “They demand an all-protective case that also doesn’t compromise on touchscreen usability – a common complaint on waterproof cases.

 “Mobile users often complain front enclosed waterproof cases can result in incorrect letter keys or nonsensical text messages because the film covering their phone’s screen interfere. They also complain the screen film appears grubby with use.

 “Fortunately advancements in waterproof smartphone technology with Wetsuit’s direct touch screen overcame these issues so consumers can enjoy all the features of top-level phone protection without the touchscreen usability issues.”

 The Wetsuit waterproof rugged case for iPhone 6 comes in three colour options – Blackest Black, Silvertail and Electric Orange and is available online (SRP USD $79.95) via It is also available in mobile phone and other retailers, and will next month be available for the iPhone 6 Plus. The Wetsuit iPhone 6 accessories include an optional glass impact resistant screen protector, Bone Guard Wetsuit, specifically developed for pairing with the Wetsuit iPhone 6, and a Wetsuit-compatible belt clip.

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