Consumers Warned on iPhone 6S Knockout Threat

24 September 2015

Consumers anxious to get their hands on Apple’s newest iPhone are being warned to avoid history repeating itself.  Video of the infamous buyer who dropped his iPhone 6 on launch day, live on camera, went global and is an incident that Apple enthusiasts can avoid.

The message from Aussie tech brand, Dog & Bone is to case up to protect your iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus from being knocked out as a result of not gripping the handset or dropping it in the rush to answer a call.

In contrast to the iPhone 6 release, leading all-protective water and drop proof casings are already on the market for the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus handset. The line-up includes Dog & Bone’s Wetsuit waterproof case – the world’s first direct touchscreen, waterproof case – and the first wireless charging case with shock proof protection, Backbone.

Dog & Bone’s Founder, Lee Ranchod said its innovative product range addressed three of the most wanted iPhone 6S handset’s exclusions – waterproof protection, wireless charging and extended battery life.

“There really is no excuse for consumers to let everyday mishaps – whether its dropping your phone as you fumble to get it out of your pocket or capturing the ultimate selfie on the beach – impact our mobile phone use.  Everything from broken screens to irritating freezes, grease and grime, and sand in the ports can put our phone out of action or at the very least limit how we use it,” Mr. Ranchod said.

“The phone is an extension of our lifestyle, where we go our handset comes. Just like we protect ourselves from the elements when we step out the door, we need to do the same with our phone.”

Dog & Bone love to push the boundaries of mobile technology, announcing its readily available range of cases for the launch of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus include:

  • Wetsuit iPhone waterproof rugged case
  • Wetsuit Impact iPhone waterproof rugged case
  • Backbone wireless charging and battery (6S only)

Wetsuit Waterproof and Wetsuit Impact iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are available in three colour options – Blackest Black, Silvertail and Electric Orange.  For more information visit

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24 Sep




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