Wireless Technology Breaks New Ground

Dog & Bone leads charge globally with world 1st shockproof wireless charging innovation with fast wireless charge

Wireless technology is breaking new ground and Dog & Bone is leading the global ‘charge’ with the release of the world’s first of its kind wireless charging mobile innovation with fast wireless charging.

The recent Good Design Award winner and patent pending wireless charging technology released by Australian brand, Dog & Bone, delivers the first shockproof mobile wireless charging case military tested for durability world-wide, and fast wireless charging – even faster than a standard cabled charge.

The market for wireless charging for mobile devices is predicted by researchers to soar by almost fortyfold within five years from a $216million market in 2013 to an 8.5billion per annum market by 2018 (IHS Technology), and Dog & Bone is now emerging a leading innovator within this technology movement. 

In addition to its military rating (MIL STD 810F) to handle knocks and drops to 1.22 metres, and charging speed, the Backbone induction charging case includes design aesthetics and a combination of features never seen before with this technology, and follows Dog & Bone’s release last year of another world first innovation – the first topless direct touchscreen waterproof mobile case.

The Backbone wireless charging case is merely 12.2 mm slim, enjoys a slightly raised rim around the front edge to help protect the touchscreen, is Made for iPhone (MFi) certified, Qi compatible, shuts off once device is fully charged, enjoys direct access to ports for traditional charging and syncing, includes a toughened screen protector and has a battery option for extra power.

Dog & Bone Founder and Director, Mr Lee Ranchod, says wireless charging is the way of the future and in coming years wireless charging hotspots should become as readily available as WiFi hotspots.

“Wireless technology is the way of the future. Researchers predict a fortyfold increase in the wireless mobile charging market within just five years to become a multi billion dollar annual market,” Mr Ranchod said.

“Businesses are starting to get on board. The likes of London Heathrow Airport and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chain stores are among businesses now investing in wireless charging so mobile users needn’t bring any cords, mats or anything to charge up at these locations…just their wireless compatible mobile.

“In years to come we should expect wireless charging hotspots to be readily available in all major cities…just as WiFi has grown to be.

“With such a movement towards wireless, consumers needed a practical case solution above and beyond that currently offered.

“Consumers love the convenience and ease of charging without plugging in and plugging out. But consumers have told us existing wireless charge solutions are too one dimensional – they charge your phone, but are slow to do so and offered virtually nothing in the way of protection, aesthetics and useability.

More and more so consumers demand technology that not only works, but also works with our lifestyle.

“We don’t want our charger to slow us down. We don’t want to have to remove our wireless charging case to protect our phones from day-to-day wear and tear nor to simply use our car charger as reported with other options.

“The Backbone wireless charging case combines all four key features demanded by consumers – fast wireless charging, protection, usability and style.”

Mr Ranchod said the ultra light interchangeable battery option provides a simple solution to carrying extra power right in your back pocket, and means a one case solution for both wireless charging and added power.

“Our research found that whilst consumers may need a big, extra powerful battery to last the week for that camping trip, for day-to-day use they don’t need this much power and would rather not carry a ‘brick’,” Mr Ranchod said.

 “We designed a battery option that is sleek, compact, lightweight and easily swapped in without removing the case, yet the right additional power to get mobile users through the day.”

The Backbone charging case’s unique over-molded exterior, made from thermoplastic elastomer, provides a soft protective touch, and the hardness is offered from the polycarbonate interior.  

Mr Ranchod said Dog & Bone’s Backbone reflects the brand’s mission to innovate and be at the forefront of mobile phone technology.

“Dog & Bone pushes the boundaries of what has been traditionally offered in mobile technology.” Mr Ranchod said.

The Backbone wireless charging case includes two bespoke patterns – Tread and Trilobe – in different colour combinations. The SRP for the wireless charging case together with a toughened screen protector, USB connector and audio cable is US $89.95, whilst the SRP for the Backbone pack with the charge pad additionally included is US $139.95. For more information, go to 

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