Backbone iPhone SE/5s/5 Wireless Charging Case + Pad

Backbone iPhone SE/5s/5 Wireless Charging Case + Pad

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Backbone Battery iPhone SE/5s/5 - for use with Backbone case

Backbone Battery - USD $49.95


Free yourself of cables and make ‘plugging in’ a charge of the past!

Now, the freedom of wireless mobile charging without compromise on protection, design and function.

Backbone is the first shockproof mobile wireless charging case – military tested.

With the award-winning Backbone iPhone 5s/5 wireless charging case and charge pad, wirelessly charge fast - even faster than a cable charge!

Or charge up at a ‘Qi hotspot’ – no cables, just your Backbone mobile to bring. Backbone is Qi compatible!

Yet a slim case with patterns, colours and style like none before.

Swap in the ultra-light battery (sold separately) for added power.

Made for iPhone certified, and Good Design Award winner, Backbone is a world-first combining the best of three worlds – fast wireless charging, ruggedized protection and unique style. Charge up and then charge through your day with your slim and stylish, yet strong and durable case.

Charge it. Style it. Protect it.


Is wireless charging for me?

Do you enjoy freeing your life of cables and hassle?

Ever been at work or at home when your mobile phone is ringing hot, flattening your battery? Or fumbled in the dark night to plug in your charger?

Would you like the convenience of charging up at a café or airport with no cords or mats to bring – nothing required but your phone dressed in a wireless charging case?

Did you answer yes to one or more of the above? You know what the answer is then!

Free your life of cables and hassle

For your phone’s sake, wireless charging prevents the wear and tear on sockets. For you, it eliminates the ‘plugging in’ hassle. In Backbone’s case, it can also mean a faster charge!

With wireless charging, sit your phone on your charge pad at any time. No unplugging and plugging in each time you need your phone or a call comes through.

Seamlessly ‘drop n charge’ – no cables, no fussing!

Or charge up at any airport, café, diner or venue with a compatible wireless charging hotspot – no charging cords, nothing to bring but your mobile dressed in a wireless charge case!


We don’t just design. We ask. We innovate!

You enjoy the convenience of a plug-free wireless charge. But will it slow you down?

Will your charge case give you day-to-day protection and even style?

Will you have to remove your case to use your car charger or to sync?

How do we know you were thinking this? We asked YOU.

What did we do? We gave you everything you asked for and more!

We created a wireless charging solution like none other. Features you asked for.

A design innovation you probably never expected. A solution you will LOVE!

1. Durably Good

You told us wireless charging cases typically offered zero or near zero protection.

We developed the 1st wireless charging case military tested (MIL STD 810F) to handle knocks and drops to 4 feet (1.2M).

2. Need for Speed

We know you don’t like being slowed down.

We created fast wireless mobile charging – even faster than a standard cable charge!

3. Only The Best will do

You want longevity.

The Good Design Award winner, Backbone, is Made for iPhone certified including Apple quality approved parts and materials, helping to maximize product life.

4. Charge here, charge there... #1 most recognized global charging standard

You love getting around cable free.

Backbone is Qi compatible - the most globally recognized wireless charging standard. Charge up at any airport, café, diner or venue with a 'Qi hotspot' - nothing to bring but your Backbone mobile! A growing number of committed Qi 'hotspots' include The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chain stores in the US, London Heathrow Airport and New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

5. Exposed for Usability

We agree with you. Traditional charge cases without access to ports and controls are plain inconvenient.

Backbone’s case design exposes the charging portholes. No need to remove the case to use your traditional car charger or wall charger, or to sync.

6. Patterns, Color & Slimming Flair

When you look good, you feel good.

A first-of-its kind wireless charging case design fusing rubber and plastic together with unique patterns and colors for a striking look and feel. Protective, yet merely 12.2mm slim.

7. ‘Drop n Charge’ with Ease

You told us some wireless charging cases are difficult to align.

We created a simple, compact pad design with minimal desk foot print. A slight ridge around the edge to easily guide your phone on. Internal ‘smarts’ for charging without pinpoint accuracy in alignment.

8. You want Options

Just because you love wireless charging, you still want a USB connector for traditional charging or syncing without removing the case.

You got it!

9. Toughened Screen

No-one likes a broken screen, but charging cases don’t typically seem to care.

We give you a slightly raised rim to help protect the touchscreen, plus an impact resistant screen protector.

10. Lightweight Power on the go

Extra power on the go is handy, but you don’t like being weighed down. You need enough power to get you through the day – not the week!

Swap the wireless receiver with an ultra-compact Backbone battery, sold separately, (only 7.7cm x 3.6cm, and weighing 30.7g) – without removing the case. Total case weight with battery almost unchanged at 60.7g!

Backbone iPhone 5s wireless charging case + Pad

Backbone iPhone SE/5s/5 Wireless Charging Case + Pad

The award-winning Backbone iPhone 5s/5 wireless charging case and pad is the most advanced wireless charging technology for your mobile phone.

‘Drop n charge’ - no 'plugging in', no fussing! Simply place on the Qi standard Backbone pad for the fastest wireless mobile charge - faster than a standard cable charge! Or charge at a 'Qi hot spot'.

The first shock proof wireless charging case military tested (MIL STD 810F), helping withstand drops to 4 feet (1.2M).

The Good Design Award winner is Made for iPhone and sleekly durable with stylish patterns and colors.

For added power, swap in a Backbone battery, sold separately.


Backbone iPhone SE/5s/5 Wireless Charging Case + Pad

Premier antichoc étui au mondi de chargement sans fil Backbone sans fil, les spécifications militaires 810F (tombe à 4 pieds ou 1,2 m).
La solution de recharge sans-fil le plus rapide de la téléphonie mobile - encore plus rapide que d'une charge de câble standard!
12.2mm étui mince, motifs et de couleurs élégantes.
Made for iPhone (MFI).
Qi Compatible -Concept plus globalement reconnu norme de recharge sans fil. Rechargez au Qi 'Hot spots'!
Un rebord légèrement surélevé pour aider à protéger l'écran tactile, plus un impact protecteur d'écran résistant inclus.
Un pad simple, compact avec une légère crête autour du bord pour poser  facilement votre téléphone pour le charger.
Fonction Arrêt lorsqu'elle est complètement chargée.
Exposée, accès direct au port de charge pour la charge traditionnelle.
Câble USB inclus - traditionnellement la charge ou la synchronisation sans enlever l'étui.
Un étui intelligent avec deux solutions de charge et la batterie sans fil (batterie vendue séparément).
Gagnant du Good Design Awards.


wireless iphone SE

Wireless charging never so durably good.


Gear Addix previews Backbone


Backbone iPhone SE/5s/5 Wireless Charging Case + Pad

For the first time in wireless charging cases, rubber and plastic have been fused together for cutting edge style and protection.

The soft thermoplastic elastomer on the case’s exterior provides a soft protective touch and non-slip texture, whilst the polycarbonate interior provides the hardness to help survive daily bumps.

The clever engineering of our two piece case design and the rubber over moulded exterior opens the door to patterns, colours and style like none before – aesthetics you told us were missing from traditional wireless charging cases. 

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"If you want military grade durability with an excellent wireless charging feature, this case is perfect."
Macworld UK

"Not only is this case military tested and certified to withstand drops from four feet, but it also grants wireless, Qi hotspot comptible, charging."

"Considering all it does, I'm surprised that the Backbone Wireless Charging & Batery battery pack/case is as slim as it is. It only adds 10mm to the length and 5mm to the thickness of your iPhone."
Apple World Today

"Dog & Bone deserves some acclaim for Backbones comprehensive charging system design: we were impressed the case, the pad, and the ability to swap in different components."
iLounge, RECOMMENDED rating

"The Backbone installs easily in seconds, and fits like a glove. The Backbone case for iPhone 5/5s is an excellent rugged wireless charging case for the convenience-minded. ...the Backbone Batter is a nice accessory."
Mobile Tech Review, Rated Backbone 4.5 out of 5

"I really like this system. From a gadget standpoint who doesn't love a multi-tasking product with real usability."
The Gadgeteer

"The Backbone's build quality is excellent. ...The Backbone is a well built, well designed and versatile charging solution."

"The Backbone case is designed for style. The Trilobe Red case is light and my iPhone 5 fits perfectly when installed. All of the buttons and rockers are accessible and work perfectly. The case is rigid, but the honeycomb design on the back and colored band give your fingers a tactile feel. I love how light the case is and the slim design feels great in the hand. I really like the look, feel and size of the Dog & Bone Backbone wireless charging charging case."
Gear Diary

"The Dog & Bone Backbone case for the iPhone 5 and 5s is the first of its kind. This isn't your ordinary iPhone case; For starters the Backbone case is protective; I mean really protected, military tested. ...What you're left with is a single iPhone case jammed packed with tons of useful features that you're sure to enjoy."
Run Around Tech, Rated Backbone 4 out of 5 stars

"The Dog & Bone "Backbone" is a wireless charging device, that utilizes a very sleek/stylistic case, that is not ony very durable, but also very effective (speaking in terms of the power of charge it can give your phone)."
Tech Warriorz

"What made the Backbone; specifically stand out was its ability to charge your phone by way of an interchangeable battery back. So in theory, you can carry multiple battery packs to switch on and off the case and never lose power when you're out and about."
Gear Addix


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Backbone iPhone SE/5s/5 Wireless Charging Case + Pad

Backbone charging case + pad inclusions

Backbone case
Impact resistant screen protector
Charge pad
USB connector
Audio cable


Backbone wireless charging case

For phone model: iPhone 5s/5
Compatibility: Qi standard 
Quality parts and materials: Made for iPhone
Military durability testing: MIL STD 810F approved to help withstand knocks and drops to 4feet (1.2M)
Screen protection: Slightly raised rim for screen protection and a toughened scratch resistant screen protector included
Size: 138.2mm (H) x 63.3mm (W) x 12.2mm (D)
Weight: 30g case + 30.2g Backbone piece = 60.2g
Patterns: Tread and Trilobe
Colours: Tread orange, Tread blue, Trilobe blue, Trilobe red
Battery: Swap case receiver for Backbone battery (available separately) for added power – all without removing your Backbone case


Backbone charge pad

For phone model: iPhone 5s/5
Compatibility: Qi standard
Quality parts and materials: Made for iPhone
Size: 139.27mm (H) x 64.37mm (W) x 12.8mm (D)
Input: DC5V, 1,500mA
Standard Backbone mobile charging time: 2 hours (less than a standard cable charge, which takes 2hours 20mins)

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