iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus

Wetsuit Waterproof / Rugged

Instruction Manual

How does the Wetsuit case remain waterproof if it has a topless front?

Very clever engineering and design! The phone screen is waterproofed with dual sealing beads running the full perimeter, avoiding the need for additional plastic membranes and without inhibiting the touch sensitivity of the screen.

Every single Wetsuit case is pressure tested to two metres during production before it is made available for purchase.

How does the Wetsuit help protect my phone’s screen?

The Wetsuit case's design with a ridge around the perimeter helps protect it from knocks and drops from 2m as the ridge is designed to hit the surface, rather than the phone screen. It has passed tough military tests to achieve its military standard (MIL STD 810F).

Can I use a screen protector with my Wetsuit case?

Yes. A standard .1mm PET film screen protector can be used as supplied with your case.

Can I use an impact resistant screen protector with my Wetsuit?

The Bone Guard impact resistant screen protector for Wetsuit iPhone 6 Plus, can be used with the Wetsuit and is available for purchase online.  We have not tested the Wetsuit with any other independent impact resistant screen protectors, and can not guarantee its use with other screen protectors.

Can I charge my phone with my Wetsuit on?

Yes. We know convenience is important to you. We have designed the Wetsuit so you can conveniently charge your phone with your case on. Open the door at the bottom of the phone. Pull aside the charging port plug, (whilst keeping the other half of the plug in place). Insert your charger and start charging.

I’ve dropped my phone. Is my Wetsuit still waterproof?

Always conduct a water check with the test block supplied after knocking or dropping your Wetsuit iPhone, particularly if you are planning to use it in or around water.

How do I take photos or video underwater when the touchscreen doesn’t work underwater?

To take photos underwater, have your camera set to ‘photo’ and simply push the volume-up or volume-down button to take your image.

To take a video underwater, have your camera set to ‘video’ and push the volume-up or volume-down button to start recording. Push either again to stop recording.

For videos, you may also choose to start and stop recording above water using the touchscreen options and proceed underwater once recording has commenced.

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How do I perform a water test?

The water test is your practice run to ensure the case is operating as it should. Watch the assembly video prior to your water check.
1. Take your Wetsuit case out of the packaged box. The case should be fitted on a plastic testing block.
2. Half fill your kitchen sink with water and fully submerge your case in water.
3. Weigh it down gently to avoid the case floating to the surface. It must be fully submerged for 15 minutes.
4. Remove the case from the water.
5. Wipe the outside and make sure it is fully dried before opening any seals or ports. Water naturally sits between the boot and the external case but does not penetrate the seals. Water may drip into the membrane boot if not dried.
6. Disassemble the case per instructions. If your case’s membrane boot is dry, you have passed the water test and you can assemble your phone! NB A few little spots of water may splash in when removing the boot. If the boot is dry except for a few splashed in water spots, your case is good to use. Check disassembly video for careful removal.
7. If water is in the disassembled boot, re-assemble with the plastic block, per instructions. Ensure all the seals are flat and making contact with the block surface. Test again.
8. If you can not get a watertight seal with repeat tests, email

I have lost my port plug. Can I get replacement ones.

I’m still unsure about how to use my Wetsuit. Who can I contact?

Can I use my Wetsuit phone whilst wet?

Yes you can. On water submersion of your iPhone 6 Plus Wetsuit, your sound clarity will naturally be obstructed by the water whilst not affecting your device. Once your iPhone 6 Plus Wetsuit is dry again, you can continue to enjoy premium sound clarity. 

I have conducted the water test, and water is evident in the back of the case. Has my case failed the water test?

Water naturally sits between the boot and the external case but does not penetrate the seals. The heart of the case that protects the handset from water is the silicon boot, and this is what should remain dry. Any water around this is completely normal and does not affect the waterproofing. If there is no water inside your disassembled boot, then  your case has passed the water test. 

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